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Bamboo Root Barrier Liner (80 mil x 30" Height)
Bamboo Root Barrier Liner (80 mil x 30" Height)
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Additional Information About Bamboo Root Barrier Liner (80 mil x 30" Height)


Bamboo Root Barrier 80 Mil x 30" Height is an effective product developed to control the spread of bamboo rhizomes (roots) of larger growing running bamboo such as some of the Phyllostachys. (For smaller growing bamboo you use the 60 Mil x 24" Bamboo Root Barrier.) The planting bed for larger growing bamboo should have a circumference (distance around the planting bed) of at least 30 feet. The barrier has a smooth surface on the side facing your bamboo planting. It is made from HDPE, high-density polyethylene. This material is far superior to metals because it will not rust and is much easier to install.

PLEASE NOTE: When installing the Bamboo Barrier you will need a Bamboo Barrier Clamp to secure the two ends of the barrier.

Standard Lengths (select a size above):

20', 40', 60', 100', 150', 200'.  We can cut in 10' increments above 20' so call us about custom cut lengths (770) 573-1778





SEE: Natural methods to control and grow bamboo

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