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The Difference

An Interview with the GardenerDirect.com staff:



Question:  What makes GardenerDirect.com different from any other site out there?

Matt@gardenerdirect.com:  Our Grower to Garden Model.

Question:  But, what is Grower to Garden and why is it better?

Matt@gardenerdirect.com:  Grower to Garden means that the plant comes straight from the original grower to your door. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to deliver a superior quality, healthier plant to you, reduce waste and emissions, all while passing the costs savings to you. Let me break down the antiquated model versus the Grower to Garden model.


The Antiquated Model (The way the other guys operate):

  1. The plant is grown at a grower’s location.

  2. The first time the plant is shipped, it travels from the grower to a nursery, sometimes hundreds of miles away, where it will spend months, or even years sitting at the destination nursery.

  3. The nursery groups all the similar plants together, giving generalized care that is enough to keep it alive until it gets bought by someone.

  4. Once a plant is ordered it is boxed up, sometimes inadequately, and picked up by a shipping company and spends the next few days to a week making its way through the mail / shipping system on its way to your door.  

  5. If you are unlucky the plant will sit  in a warehouse for a couple of days over the weekend, in a box, unwatered, without light, uncared for, suffering. When it arrives at your door hopefully it has survived the trip and now has to count on you to nurse it back to life.

The Grower to Garden Model:

  1. The grower who is an expert in the type of plant they produce, grows and cares for your plant.  This means it gets the love that it deserves everyday by experts.

  2. When you place your order at GardenerDirect.com we notifity the grower directly that they should ship the plants to your door.

  3. The grower selects a plant in the prime of its life cycle, ready, healthy and strong. They then use our super high standards and years of experience of how to pack the plant for a Guaranteed Safe Shipping.  We also delay orders placed near the end of the week to ship at the beginning of the week ensuring that your plant never sits in a hot shipping warehouse over the weekend.

  4. Since the Grower to Garden Green Model only involves shipping the plant one time, the cost, and waste production of packaging is cut down tremendously, and because the plant is being shipped directly from the grower to you the emissions and fuel consumption and costs are reduced. In addition to being green this also reduces overhead costs, ultimately saving you money.

  5. The end result is a strong, healthy, thriving plant, delivered directly to your door within days of leaving the original grower, and you have helped reduce waste and emissions promoting a green environment.

We know that you and your plants will enjoy the Grower to Garden experience.  The traditional model just doesn't make sense to your wallet or the environment.


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