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The Facts Behind Free Shipping…


We’ve all seen it. It’s advertised on tv, in magazines, pretty much anywhere there is a product that you want to buy.


“FREE SHIPPING” with purchase of $100 or more !!


Not to burst the bubble that the retail industry has created but, nothing in this life is free. Now I’m sure you’ve heard that somewhere in your life at some point… well it’s true. If you get something for “free”, the truth is you either paid for it through other products because of vendor markup or you stole it. Business that are selling a product are in business to make money and shipping costs money, period. The shipping companies do not go to businesses and say “Hey all this month we are going to work for free !!”


How the free shipping gimmick works.


Here’s a breakdown of how free shipping works…

I have a product to sell, I price it at $29.99. UPS, FedEx, and USPS all charge $10.00 to ship this product based on it’s weight. The total for this product is $39.99.

Now the other guys have the same product priced at $45.99 but they offer free shipping. Well now, if my product is $39.99 with shipping charged and theirs is $45.99 with free shipping….

You get the point …


Now Consider This…


If the other guys have a product that is $45.99 with free shipping and you need 10 of them that is a cost of $459.90. BUT YOU GOT FREE SHIPPING !!! YAY !!

You also spent about $150.00 more than if you had purchased my product at $29.99 plus shipping of $10.00 because I can fit 10 of my products into one box.


Ok, ok enough with the math lesson…


That’s about enough of that, let’s move on to getting your plants to you and making sure you get to have some fun in the dirt !!  Here at GardenerDirect.com one of our goal is to make sure you receive only the best quality plants, at the best possible prices, with the easiest and most enjoyable experience.

Now Let’s Go Dig A Hole And Have Some Fun In The DIrt !!!



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