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Japanese Maples 11-15 Feet

Kumoi Nishiki Japanese Maple (Rare)Kumoi Nishiki Japanese Maple (Rare)
In Stock
The rare 'Kumoi Nishiki' has green leaves that have cream colored variegation for a beautiful spring color that fades to a br...
$163.99 $149.97
Dancing Peacock Full Moon Japanese MapleDancing Peacock Full Moon Japanese Maple
In Stock
Sun or Part Shade / 10-20'H x 10-20'W / Brilliant scarlet, orange, and yellow overtones in fall! / USDA Zones 5-9
$109.99 $99.97
Emperor One Japanese MapleEmperor One Japanese Maple
In Stock
Part Shade or Filtered Sun / 12-15'H x 12-15'W / Exceptionally hardy with extremely dark maroon foliage! / USDA Zones 5A-8B
$173.97 $123.97
Kamagata Japanese MapleKamagata Japanese Maple
In Stock
Sun or Part Shade / 6-12'H x 6-8'W / A drought tolerant dwarf that can thrive in drier soils / USDA Zones 5B-9B
$163.99 $134.97

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