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Hi-Yield Pecan & Fruit Tree Fertilizer
Hi-Yield Pecan & Fruit Tree Fertilizer
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Additional Information About Hi-Yield Pecan & Fruit Tree Fertilizer


Available in the following sizes:

  • 4 pound bag

  • 10 ound bag

High-Yield Pecan & Fruit Tree Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer supplying nutrients for nut and fruit trees, especially Pecans. Contains Zinc, which is necessary in controlling certain nutritional diseases.  Increases size and flavor of fruit and contains micro-nutrients to control nutritional diseases. Promotes fast growth and plant strength. 
Application Rates:
1/2 lb. per 1/2 inch of tree diameter around tree drip line. 

Helpful Tips

  • For best results, apply in the spring before new growth starts and again in the fall after harvest.


12-4-4 (N-P-K)

Other elements:


For use on:

Pecan and fruit trees

Pet safe:

Yes, when used as directed

Manufactured by:



MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


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