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Ardisia japonica - Marlberry

Ardisia japonica - Marlberry

(Myrsinaceae Ardisia Japonica None)

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    More About Japanese Ardisia / Marlberry...

    Ardisia japonica, also known as Marlberry, is a fairly rare, beautiful, evergreen groundcover with 1/2" pink star-shaped flowers in spring followed by abundant red berries in the fall and throughout the winter.  The berries are not particularly preferred by birds unless other food is not readily available. The attractive, glossy, dark green leaves are heavily serrated on the edges and cluster in whorls at the stem tips. Plants spread by underground runners and by seeds, reaching about 10 inches or so in height. 

    Ardisia can be grown indoors or out. Outdoors, Ardisia is usually planted as a groundcover in shade gardens or foundation plantings. Indoors it makes a great container plant. 

    Ardisia is easy to grow. It is a good choice for areas with shade or morning sun. Plant it in a moist, fertile, well-drained, acid soil. If temperatures drop below 20 degrees F in your area, plant in a protected location.  Few pests or diseases are of major concern.

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