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Mountain Snow Pieris

Mountain Snow Pieris

(Ericaceae Pieris Japonica Planow' Mountain Snow™)

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    Pieris Japonica 'Planow' Mountain Snow™' is a fast growing shrub that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4B through 4B. It matures to an average height of 3 feet to 4 feet and an average width of 2 feet to 3 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. It prefers growing in a location that provides shade and grows best when planted in loam soil that is well drained. In the spring Mountain Snow Pieris produces white flowers. The foliage is medium green in color. It attracts butterflies and is resistant to deer.

    Mountain Snow Pieris can be useful in the landscape along woodland borders and also in theme gardens.

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    Finally, a more heat-tolerant and less-finicky Pieris japonica! If you've tried growing Pieris in your landscape or gardens in the past without much luck, Mountain Snow™, hailing from the Southern Living Plant Collection, is here to change that!
    More heat tolerant than standard Pieris japonica, Mountain Snow™ offers interest in the garden with both foliage and showy blooms. Right now, the plants we have in stock at the nursery are either covered in their beautiful, cascading tassels of white, bell-shaped flowers, or are already sending forth their stunning, orange new leaves, which eventually age to a handsome dark green. During summer, attractive, pendulous flower buds appear that will persist through winter before opening in early next spring.


    Single specimen, groupings, flowering shrub borders, shrub borders, natural hedge, home foundation plantings, shade gardens, woodland gardens, Japanese gardens, cottage gardens, 

    Culture & Care Tips

    Part shade or all day dappled sunlight is best. Morning sun with some afternoon shade is perfect. Not too picky about soil provided it is well-drained, however, similar to Azaleas, it prefers a fertile, acidic soil that is rich in organic matter.  SEE: How To Test For Soil Drainage

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