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Nitroganic Organic Fertilizer - 36 Pound Bag
Nitroganic Organic Fertilizer - 36 Pound Bag
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Additional Information About Nitroganic Organic Fertilizer - 36 Pound Bag


Available in the following sizes:

  •  36 Pound Bag

Nitroganic is an all natural slow-release fertilizer that is "goof proof," meaning it will not burn your plants. Rather than force feeding and stimulating over-accelerated foliage growth that can weaken a plant, Nitroganic allows your plants to take up nutrients as they need them to support growth. Nitroganic will greatly improve the overall health and beauty of all plants, trees, and shrubs. We use it on all our outdoor plants, including container gardens, and even the lawn. It is all natural and organic so is also great for use in the vegetable garden!

What's more, Nitroganic has proven to be a safe and natural deer and rabbit deterrent. Using it regularly to feed the plants in your landscape and gardens will help keep these pests away for approximately 4-6 weeks.

Rather than spend money feeding only the plants, instead spend your money to feed both the plants and the soil with Nitroganic. After all, this truly is the secret to successful gardening.

Application Rates:

Refer to application rates on bag or find application rates and methods for Nitroganic Fertilizer here


5-3-0 (N-P-K) 

Other elements:

Iron (Fe)..............................................................3.0%

(Naturally occuring Iron)

For use on:

For outdoor use on ALL types of plants and lawns.

Pet safe:


Manufactured by:

Farmers Organic





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