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Bamboo Plants for Hedges

Golden BambooGolden Bamboo
In Stock
Full Sun or Part Shade / 27-30' H / Colorful green canes striped yellow. Great for quick screening. / USDA Zones: 7A-11
$115.99 $88.97
Rufa Dragon's Head BambooRufa Dragon's Head Bamboo
In Stock
Full Sun or Shade / Up to 10' H / A beautiful, feathery, very cold hardy clumping bamboo / USDA Zones: 5-9
$79.99 $49.97
Kuma Zasa BambooKuma Zasa Bamboo
In Stock
Shade or Part Shade / 3-5' H / Creamy white winter winter foliage is breathtaking on this shade lover / USDA Zones 6-11
$56.99 $49.97
Linearis Narrow Leaf BambooLinearis Narrow Leaf Bamboo
In Stock
Full to Mostly Sun / Up to 14' H / Excellent for a low provacy screen or accent bamboo around a water feature / USDA Zones: 6...
$72.99 $59.97
Spotted Leopard BambooSpotted Leopard Bamboo
In Stock
Full Sun or Part Shade / Up to 45' / Green canes marked wsith unusual, eliptical purple spots! / USDA Zones: 7A-11
$123.99 $110.97
Henon Giant Gray BambooHenon Giant Gray Bamboo
In Stock
Sun or Shade / 30-60'H x 5"W / Handsome and attractive gray color with age! / USDA Zones: 6-11
$94.99 $84.97
Green Onion BambooGreen Onion Bamboo
In Stock
Part Shade / Up to 18' / A unique shade-loving bamboo with swollen internodes that resemble green onions! / USDA Zones: 6-11
$103.99 $94.97
Giant Leaf BambooGiant Leaf Bamboo
In Stock
Shade or Part Shade / 7-10'H / Has the largest leaves of any bamboo in cultivation in the US! / USDA Zones: 6-11 (5?)
$69.99 $59.97
Solid Stem BambooSolid Stem Bamboo
In Stock
Full Sun or Part Shade / 20-25'H / Super cold hardy and tolerates wet soil. Canes are solid through. / USDA Zones: 5-11
$77.99 $70.97

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