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Pineapple Sage - Salvia
Pineapple Sage - Salvia

Lamiaceae Salvia Elegans None

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Grows InZone 8A · 10° to 15° F through Zone 11 · Above 40° F
Sun ExposureFull / Mostly Sun
Soil DrainageModerately Drained, Poorly Drained
Resistent ToDeer Resistant, Insect
BloomsSummer Blooms, Fall Blooms
Average Height3' to 4'
Average Width3' to 4'
AttractsButterflies, Hummingbirds
FragrancesAromatic, Fragrant Foliage, Potpourri
Additional Information About Pineapple Sage - Salvia

More about Pineapple Sage...

Noteworthy Characteristics

Pineapple Sage, Salvia elegans, is an easy-to-grow, underrated herb in the garden. The shrub-like plant can grow up to 5 feet tall and several feet wide and the attractive light-green leaves really do smell just like pineapple! In late summer through fall cute, slender, trumpet-shaped, true-red flowers, perfectly designed for hummingbrds and butterflies to feed from, are produced in abundance on spikes at the ends of branches. Hummingbirds and butterflies will flock to and feed from the nectar-rich flowers! 

Growing Information

Pineapple sage likes consistently moist but well drained, rich soil and at least 6 hours of sun a day. The plant responds well to pruning at any time during the season, and cutting it halfway back in late-spring will enhance bushiness and produce more flowers later on in the season. If grown in a pot choose a container that is 14 inches or more in diameter at the top and which has drain holes in the bottom. Fill the pot with a good premium potting mix and apply mulch to help conserve moisture during summer. Container plants can be overwintered indoors. 

Uses & Cooking Information

In the garden, Pineapple Sage can be useful as a background to lower growing herbs or other plants. It has quite a few culinary uses as well. It makes a very tasty cold or hot tea. It can be chopped into fruit and vegetable salads. It also has beautiful, edible flowers with a sweet taste. A sprig of pineapple sage as a garnish can make a dish of ice cream or slice of cheesecake look almost decadent.

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