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Governor Mouton Camellia Japonica

Governor Mouton Camellia Japonica

(Theaceae Camellia Japonica Governor Mouton)

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    Not to be confused with the 'Variegated Governor Mouton', 'Governor Mouton' produces magnificent, oriental-red semi-double to loose peony form blooms. The plant has dark gree, shiny leaves, a vigorous, upright habit of growth, and blooms mid season. Governor Mouton is listed in the Camellia nomenclature book as 'Aunt Jetty' but at least where we're at in georgia, it is known as Governor Mouton. The originator is lost in antiquity as it was first described in 1811.


    Governor Mouton is a larger growing camellia that is useful to create colorful, evergreen hedges or screens. It can also be useful in any partially shaded environment as a specimen shrub or "limbed up" to form an attractive, small, evergreen tree. It is perfect for use as Espalier: trained to grow flat against a large, open wall or as a corner plant in home foundation plantings.


    Camellias prefer a fertile, moist but well-drained, acidic soil. Constantly soggy soil is a slow killer. Water only enough during the first year after planting to keep the soil moist, not soggy or wet. Your new camellia should not need regular watering after the first except during extended periods of dry weather. Camellias do best in partial shade or filtered sun. Avoid afternoon direct sun.

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    More Details...

    USDA Zones:  8A-9B (7?)



    Species:  Japonica (Late Winter to Mid Spring Blooming) or Sasanqua (Fall to Early Winter Blooming)

    Bloom Color:  Oriental Red

    Bloom Size:  3-5 inches

    Bloom Form:  Formal Double / Loose Peony

    Bloom Season:  Late Winter to Mid Spring

    Growth Habit:  Upright, Dense

    Maintainable Height:  8-15 feet

    Maintainable Width:  6-10'

    Light Preferences:  Filtered sun to part shade, avoid direct afternoon sun


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