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Incrediball Hydrangea
Incrediball Hydrangea Grows well in Ashburn! Out Of Stock
Incrediball Hydrangea

Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea Arborescens Incrediball

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Grows InZone 4A · -30° to -25° F through Zone 9B · 25° to 30° F
Grows in Ashburn! (Learn More)
Sun ExposureFull / Mostly Shade, Morning Sun / Evening Shade, Dappled Light / Filtered Sun
Soil DrainageWell Drained, Moderately Drained
Resistent ToDeer Resistant, Heat
Flower ColorCream, White, Charteuse
BloomsSummer Blooms, Fall Blooms, Early Summer Blooms
Foliage ColorMedium Green
Average Height4' to 5'
Average Width4' to 6'
AttractsVisual Attention
Additional Information About Incrediball Hydrangea

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Noteworthy Characteristics

Incrediball Hydrangea features even larger globular flower heads than 'Annabelle' (to 12" diameter with 4 times the flowers per head), with the added bonus of having much thicker upright stems that do not flop even if flower heads are soaked with rain. The flowers emerge lime green but mature to pure white. Flowers start in late spring and continue for up to two months. The flowers add heft to bouquets, fresh or dried. 


Single specimen, groupings, flowering shrub borders, shrub borders, natural hedge, home foundation plantings, erosion control on slopes and cottage gardens. 

Culture & Care Tips

Prefers average well-drained soil in part shade. Tolerates full sun only if grown with constant moisture. Afternoon shade is a must in the hot summers of the deep South. Intolerant of drought, with foliage tending to decline considerably in dry conditions. Plants may die to the ground in harsh winters in the northern parts of its growing range. Bloom occurs on new wood, so plants may be pruned back close to the ground in late winter to revitalize and to encourage vigorous new stem growth and best form. If not pruned back, any weakened and/or damaged stems should be removed in early spring.

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