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Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar
Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar Grows well in Ashburn! Out Of Stock
Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar

Pinaceae Cedrus Atlantica Serpentine

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Grows InZone 6A · -10° to -5° F through Zone 9B · 25° to 30° F
Grows in Ashburn! (Learn More)
Sun ExposureFull / Mostly Sun, Morning Sun / Evening Shade, Morning Shade / Evening Sun
Soil DrainageWell Drained, Moderately Drained
Resistent ToDeer Resistant, Drought, Insect, Disease, Mildew, Heat
BloomsFall Foliage, Winter Foliage, Spring Foliage, Summer Foliage
Foliage ColorBlue Green, Blue, Grey / Silver
Average Height5' to 6', 6' to 8', 8' to 10'
Average Width3' to 4', 4' to 6', 6' to 8'
AttractsVisual Attention
Additional Information About Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar

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Noteworthy Characteristics

Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar  is an eye catching unique focal point specimen tree that is rivaled only by a few. Its twisted spiraling branches with short powdery blue needle like foliage adds even more to it's interest. For any gardener that enjoys unusual and interesting plants, the Blue Atlas Serpentine is sure to please. 


Use as a  focal point featured specimen anywhere in the garden that gets at least four, or more, hours of direct sun each day. Works well as espalier on a well. This tree, for sure, need to be in plain view and in a spot where it can be enjoyed by many!


Other than some minmal training and pruning, to maintain it's serpentine shape, the Serpentine Blue Atlas requires little to no maintenance. Once established, it's water needs are low to average. Plant in fertile well drained soil. 

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