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Henryi Chinese Anise Tree

Henryi Chinese Anise Tree

(Illiciaceae Illicium Henryi None)

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    Chinese Henryi Anise is one of the most dependable broad-leaved evergreen shrubs for the shade garden. Henryi also performs well in the sun. Glossy medium green leaves 2 to 3 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide adorn the tree year-round. A wiff of the leaves reveals a pleasant anise scent that tempts the passerby to tear a leaf in order to enjoy the spicy aroma. 1-2 inch pink blooms with many straplike petals appear in late spring.  Expect Henryi Anise to grow from 10 to 15 feet tall and about 6 to 10 feet wide.


    Excellent for use as a single specimen focal tree, as a large shrub for screens and or buffers, in the woodland shade garden or as a woodland border. Also provides a wonderfull flowering specimen for use as espalier against a wall, or to frame the corners of any home or structure. 


    Henryi Anise grows well in shade or sun making it quite versatile for use in many areas of the landscape and can be planted in well drained to moderately drained soil conditions. Maintenance is minimal except for snipping here or there a stray branch or two.

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