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Ponderosa Lemon - Citrus limon 'Ponderosa'
Ponderosa Lemon - Citrus limon 'Ponderosa'

Rutaceae Citrus Limon Ponderosa

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Grows InZone 9A · 20° to 25° F through Zone 11 · Above 40° F
Sun ExposureFull / Mostly Sun, Morning Sun / Evening Shade, Morning Shade / Evening Sun
Soil DrainageWell Drained
Resistent ToHeat
Flower ColorWhite
BloomsSpring Blooms
Foliage ColorMedium Green, Dark Green
Average Height5' to 6', 6' to 8'
Average Width4' to 6'
AttractsVisual Attention
FragrancesFragrant Flowers
Additional Information About Ponderosa Lemon - Citrus limon 'Ponderosa'

More about Ponderosa Lemon...

Unlike smaller-sized varieties of lemons available at grocery stores, the Ponderosa lemon is the granddaddy of all lemons and produces fruit in clusters from a central point on each branch. Its branches need to be supported so that the weight of the lemons won't break them. The fruits have the same taste and aromatic, white blooms as a lemon. Its large-sized fruit resembles a citron. The Ponderosa lemon is valued for its juice and is used in place of true lemons in recipes.

Growing Indoors

Transfer the new tree to a pot one or more sizes larger than the growing container. Clay pots are best filled with a premium potting mix. Plant the tree at the same soil level it was in the growing container. Allow about 1 inch between the top of the pot and the soil surface for watering.

Water enough to keep soil moist but not constantly soggy or wet. Allow the surface soil to dry out slightly before watering again during the growing season.

Cover the bottom of a saucer with pebbles. Add enough water to nearly cover the pebbles and set the tree’s pot on them. This will provide the humidity the plant needs in the drier indoor environment. Do not allow the pot to sit in water.

Feed with a liquid fertilizer twice monthly while actively growing. Cut back to once each month during fall and winter.

Prune in early spring before new growth emerges. Remove any branches that cross each other or rub together. Cut the branches all the way back to the originating limbs. Snip canopy tips back by several inches to control overall growth. Prune off any vegetation growing off of trunk below the canopy. Trim out dead or damaged branches whenever you see them.

You can move the Ponderosa outdoors in spring when sustained nighttime temperatures rise above 55 F. Acclimate it slowly over a week or two. Set the plant in a warm, shady spot during the day and bring it in at night for several days. Place it in direct sun during the morning hours and move it to shade during afternoons and leave it out overnight for the next few days. Allow the plant to remain in full sun and remain outdoors until fall.

Bring indoors for the winter when sustained temperatures drop below 50 degrees F. Keep it in a brightly lit room with daytime temperatures around 65 F and overnight temperatures about 55 to 60 F. Place the plant near a sunny window keep it out of drafts.

Growing Outdoors (USDA Zones 9-11)

Plant in a location that provides well-drained soil with full sun. The preferred pH range is 5.5 to 6.5. 

Apply 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch, such as compost, leaves, pine needles, grass clippings or hay, to the planting area. Pull the material about 12 inches away from the trunk to avoid attracting pests and diseases.

Water enough to keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy or wet.

Feed the newly planted tree 1/3 cup of 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate fertilizer around April or May after new growth appears and again between August and September. Scatter the fertilizer on the ground around the tree outward to the drip line. Water it in thoroughly.  To avoid burning the plant, follow the manufacturer’s recommended application rates and instructions.

2nd Year: Feed in January through February, April through May and August through September. Split 2 cups of 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate fertilizer between the three applications.

3rd thru 6th Years - Split 3 cups between the three applications for trees 3 to 6 years old.

After 7 Years: Feed 4 cups split between three applications yearly after the tree is 7 years old.


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