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Pear Tree Varieties Information Sheet

Need help choosing the right varieties of Pear Trees?

Use the Pear Tree Information Sheet below to choose the right varieties for your USDA Zone, to determine wether a pollinator is required, to extend the growing season by selecting early, mid and late season producers, to suite your sweet tooth, and for uses.

USES:   C = Commercial  /  Cn = Canning  /  Ck = Cooking  /  D = Desserts  /  = Fresh Eating  /  H = Home  /  J = Jelly, Jams, Preserves  / S = Salsds

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 Pear Variety USDA Zone» Chill Hours» Pollination Taste Ripening Season Uses
Ayers 6a-9b 300-350 Bartlett, Moonglow, Orient Sweet Early C, Cn, D, F, S
Bartlett 4a-8b 500-600 Ayers Sweet Early-Mid C, Cn, D, F, S
Keifer 4a-9b 200-300 Self-fruitful Sprightly Late Ck, Cn, D
Moonglow 5a-8b 400-500 Bartlett, Kiefer Mild-Sweet Early-Mid Cn, D, F, S
Orient 5a-8b 300-400 Bartlett, Kiefer, Moonglow Mild-Sweet Early-Late Cn, D
Pineapple 5a-9b 200-300 Bartlett, Moonglow Sweet-Tart Mid C, Cn, D, F, S
Asian Pear Varieties            
20th Century 5a-9b 300-400 Self Fruitful, Shinseiki Sweet Mid C, Cn, D, F, S
Hosui 5a-9b 350-450 Shinko, Korean Giant Sweet Early C, Cn, D, F, S
Korean Giant 4a-9b 400-600 Shinseiki, Shinko Sweet Late C, Cn, D, F, S
Shinseiki 5a-9a 250-450 Self-Fruitful, Korean Giant, Shinko Sweet Early-Mid C, Cn, D, F, S
Shinko 5a-9b 450-500 Korean Giant, Shinseiki Sweet Late C, Cn, D, F, S


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