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Fig Tree Varieties

Need help choosing the right varieties of fig trees?

Use the data sheet below to help select varieties that will grow well in your zone, fit your space, suit your taste buds, extend the harvest season, and fit your uses!

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USES:   F = Fresh Eating  /  D = Dessert  /  C = Canning / S = Salads  /  J = Jellies, Jams, Preserves  /  Dr = Dried

Fig Variety USDA Zones H W Ripens Fruit Color Crops/Year Flavor Uses
Black Mission 8a-10b 25-40' 25-40' Early to Late Purple-Black 1 to 2 Very Sweet F, D, J, Dr
Brown Turkey 7a-11 10-25'  10-25'   Brown 1 to 2 Mild Sweet F, S, D, C, J, Dr
Celeste 7a-10b 15-20' 15-20'   Violet-Brown 1 Very Sweet F, S, D, C, J, Dr
Chicago Hardy 4b-10b 15-20' 15-20'   Dk Brown 1 Sweet F, S, D, C, J, Dr
Kadota 7a-9b 20-30' 20-30'   Greenish White 1 Rich Sweet F, S, D, C, J, Dr
Lemon / Marseilles 6a-9b 12-15' 12-15' Early to Late Lemon-Yellow 1 to 2 Very Sweet F, D, S, J, Dr
LSU Purple 7a-9b 10-20' 10-20' Early to Late Dark Purple 1 to 3 Mild Sweet F, D, S, C, Dr
Magnolia 7b-10b 10-20' 10-20'   Reddish Brown 1 to 2 Rich Sweet F, D, S, J, Dr


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