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Ecommerce Process

Here's a quick rundown of the ecommerce process. Hopefully, it will provide some clarity as to what goes on in front and "behind the scenes."


  1. First, instead of using the yellow books, most consumers are now going online using search engines, such as Google, and websites such as GardenerDirect.com, to find information, products, and services they want or need.

  2. These search engines or websites then provide links to possible land-based or online businesses for whatever it is the consumer is looking for. For example, go to Google and search the term “Purple Pixie Loropetalum” and you should see that GardenerDirect.com comes up as a source on the first page in the results (the list of sources). Gaining a first-page listing on Google is no easy thing to do.

  3. The searcher then clicks on the link to GardenerDirect.com and ends up on this page, where they find Purple Pixie Loropetalum for sale: 

  4. Then, if the consumer wants to purchase the plant they add it to their “shopping cart.” After doing so they might browse GardenerDirect.com to see what else is available and perhaps put more items in their shopping cart.

  5. When the consumer is done shopping they can view their cart and then simply provide credit card information, shipping address and some personal information to place their order.

  6. After having placed their order, GardenerDirect.com receives a notification by email that the order has been placed, and the dropshipper of the particular product(s), which could be your company, receives an email containing the Shipping Order.

  7. Then the dropshipper uses the information on the Shipping Order to ship the specified products to the consumer's specified location. UPS, FedEx, or USPS then comes to pick up the package.

  8. GardenerDirect.com then pays the dropshipper for the plants or products. It's that simple!


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