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Grape Vine Varieties Information Sheet

Need help choosing the right varieties of Grapes?

Use the Grape Information Sheet below to choose the right varieties for your USDA Zone, to determine whether a pollinator is required, to extend the growing season by selecting early, mid and late season producers, to suite your sweet tooth, and for uses.

Chill Hours = Number of hours below 45 degrees F needed during winter to be fruitful

USES -   F = Fresh Use  /  Jl = Jelly  /  Ju = Juice  /  R = Raisins  /  W = Wine 

Grape Variety USDA Zone» Chill Hours» Needs Pollinator? Fruit Color Flavor Ripens Uses
Concord 5a-9b(10a?) 100 No Blue-Black Sweet M-L F, Jl, Ju, W
Flame Seedless 7a-10b 100 No Red Sweet E-M F, R
Mars Seedless 5a-8b 100 No Blue Sweet E-M F, Jl, Ju, W
Niagra 5a-8b 100 No Golden Green Sweet M-L F, Jl, Ju, W
Reliance Red 5a-8b 100 No Red Sweet E-M F
Sunbelt 5a-8b 100 No Blue Sweet M-L F, Jl, Ju
Thompson Seedless 7a-10b 100 No Pale Green Very Sweet M-L F, R


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