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Grape Vine Varieties Information Sheet - Buy Plants Online

Need help choosing the right varieties of Grapes?

Use the Grape Information Sheet below to choose the right varieties for your USDA Zone, to determine whether a pollinator is required, to extend the growing season by selecting early, mid and late season producers, to suite your sweet tooth, and for uses.

Chill Hours = Number of hours below 45 degrees F needed during winter to be fruitful

USES -   F = Fresh Use  /  Jl = Jelly  /  Ju = Juice  /  R = Raisins  /  W = Wine 

Grape Variety USDA Zone» Chill Hours» Needs Pollinator? Fruit Color Flavor Ripens Uses
Concord 5a-9b(10a?) 100 No Blue-Black Sweet M-L F, Jl, Ju, W
Flame Seedless 7a-10b 100 No Red Sweet E-M F, R
Mars Seedless 5a-8b 100 No Blue Sweet E-M F, Jl, Ju, W
Niagra 5a-8b 100 No Golden Green Sweet M-L F, Jl, Ju, W
Reliance Red 5a-8b 100 No Red Sweet E-M F
Sunbelt 5a-8b 100 No Blue Sweet M-L F, Jl, Ju
Thompson Seedless 7a-10b 100 No Pale Green Very Sweet M-L F, R