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Sedum pachyclados - White Diamond Stonecrop

Sedum pachyclados - White Diamond Stonecrop

(Crassulaceae Sedum Pachyclados None)

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    More About White Diamond Sedum...

    White Diamond is a drought tolerant sedum that has rich, blue foliage which forms in tight ground hugging rosettes, forming a carpet. It's called 'White Diamond' because when a drop of water lands on a leaf, it catches the light like a diamond. As an extra-added bonus there are small, pretty, white, star-shaped flowers in the summer, but it's the foliage that shines here.

    Because it is a succulent, White Diamond Sedum is exceptionally drought tolerant and easy to grow. Provide very well-drained soil adding gravel if necessary to improve drainage. It prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade.

    White Diamon Sedum is useful as a groundcover or border in garden beds and rock gardens and will trail over walls and the edges of pots in container gardens. It is perfect for use in crevices between boulders.

    White Diamond Sedum is robust, low maintenance and easy to establish.  The dense, blue foliage looks attractive year round in the border planting.

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