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Lotus corniculata 'Plena' - Double Flowered Birds Foot Trefoil

Lotus corniculata 'Plena' - Double Flowered Birds Foot Trefoil

(Papilionaceae Lotus Corniculata Plena)

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    More About Lotus corniculata 'Plena'...

    Bird’s-foot-trefoil is a creeping perennial groundcover that got its name from the seedpods which are arranged in a ‘bird’s foot’ pattern. Many people know this flower as ‘bacon and eggs’ which refers to the vibrant red and yellow/orange color of the flowers when they begin to open.

    'Plena' is a double-flowered form. It is a sturdy perennial groundcover plant that will adapt to nearly any sunny situation. Plants form a low (2-4 inches), spreading mound of bright green leaves, massed with small golden-yellow pea flowers in early summer. Excellent in hot, sunny areas, it will even thrive in poor soil and makes a terrific lawn substitute. It also makes a good groundcover or edging plant. Plants are semi-evergreen and will tolerate regular mowing.

    The flowers are hermaphrodite and can pollinate themselves if necessary, however they are preferably cross pollinated by insects such as bees and butterflies which visit the flowers to collect their abundant nectar. Pollinated flowers go on to produce several cylindrical seedpods which attach to the stem at a single point forming an unmistakable ‘bird’s foot’ shape. Each leaf consists of five leaflets, three of which are arranged together in a fan shape to the top of the leaf and another two leaflets which are opposite one and other at the bottom.

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