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Bamboo Shield Clamp
Bamboo Shield Clamp
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How To Install Bamboo Barrier Clamps


A screwdriver or cordless drill with a #2 phillips head will be need to secure the fasteners.  

1 - First step is to allow adequate overlap of the two barrier ends to be secured. We recommend 2+ feet. Outdoor duct tape (3M and Gorilla Glue both make good products) is beneficial to hold the material together and close seams. 

2 - Then you need to align the bamboo barrier clamps (bars) on both sides of the barrier material. 

3 - After clamps are aligned, position screw over marked location (white dots) and screw into closest clamp strip, both sides of barrier and clamp strip on the opposite side. 

4 - Secure screws all the way down the strap on pre-marked locations. 

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