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Strawberry Smoothieâ„¢ Althea - Rose of Sharon

Strawberry Smoothieâ„¢ Althea - Rose of Sharon

(Malvaceae Hibiscus Syriacus Strawberry Smoothie)

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    There’s nothing better than a summertime smoothie and our NEW collection of Smoothie Altheas is no exception! Althea, also known as Rose of Sharon, are way under-used shrubs or small trees that feature gorgeous, peony-like, double-blooms with ice cream colored flowers mid summer into fall. So, right about when crape myrtle finish flowering the Altheas are just getting started. Who can pass that up? Take advantage of this and other late summer flowering shrubs to keep your landscaping colorful in the dog days of July, August & September.

    Strawberry Smoothie™ features strawberry-like buds that open to beautiful, double, blush-pink blooms from mid to late summer. Flowers attract butterflies. 


    Growing 6 to 8 feet in height with a 4-5 foot spread, Strawberry Smoothie™ Althea fits perfectly in smaller gardens and garden spaces. Its attractive and plentiful blooms make it capable of holding its own as a specimen, which can be used as a focal point anywhere in the landscape, to accentuate an entryway, or to frame in a corner of a one-story home or other structure. Althea can also be used in small groupings in larger landscape beds or as espalier (trained to grow flat against a wall). One's ability to shape the plant also makes the shrub a prime candidate for hedges. But since Althea is deciduous, it makes an effective privacy hedge only in summer.

    Culture & Care Tips

    Althea is highly adaptable, super heat tolerant, and exceptionally easy to grow. It easily adapts to various soil types, pHs, drought, pollution, etc. We suggest growing them in full sun to part shade. They are perfect for hedges, beds, borders and mass plantings. As a heat-lover, this shrub is a treat for southern gardeners who crave plants that can stand up to summer's heat. The plant is quite drought-tolerant when established. In fact, if your Althea has yellow leaves, it could be due to over-watering. 

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