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Rainbow Knock Out Rose

Rainbow Knock Out Rose

(Rosaceae Rosa Rainbow)

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    More About Rainbow Knock Out Rose...

    The Rainbow Knock Out Rose produces an abundance of single multi colored flowers from April to frost on disease free bushes. The flower color is a mix of pink, orange, white, yellow, and coral! As with the other Knock Out Roses disease and insect resistence is strong. This being said we have found, in our trial gardens, that an occasional spraying of fungicide may be necessary from time to time. Or better yet, a granular or liquid systemic fungide can be applied in May to prevent fungus throughout the summer months. 

    We have yet to find any other roses that are as consistently disease free as those in the family of Knock Out Roses. Every year, folks send us new roses to try that are touted to be "care free" or "disease free" but, in our gardens, none have come close to rivaling the Knock Out Roses when it comes to disease resistance. So, if you want truly disease-free and low maintenance roses, the Knock Out Roses are your rose! 

    The Knock Out Family of Roses are exceptionally easy to grow and do not require any special care. They are the most disease resistant roses on the market. They have stunning flower power with a generous bloom cycle (about every 5 weeks) that starts in spring and continues to beyond frost. All of the Knock Out roses are self cleaning so there's no need to deadhead unless you want to.

    All varieties of Knock Out Roses are winter hardy to USDA Zone 5 and heat tolerant throughout the entire U.S.. They thrive in almost every area of the country. In the coldest regions they will need winter protection.

    Knock Out Roses can fit into any landscape. Plant them individual among other shrubs, in small to large groups, or as a low-maintenance hedge. Knock Out Roses hold up so well they are well-suited for use in foundation plantings as well.

    Plant Knock Out Roses in locations that provide well-drained but moist soils and full sun to part shade. Morning sun is a must for all roses. Six or more hours of sun is best.

    To keep your Knock Out Rose full and bushy from year to year prune the branches back to about 15-18 inches above the ground in late winter or early spring.


    USDA Zones - 5A -9B
    Rose Type / Class - Shrub
    Year Introduced - 2000
    Hybridizer - William Radler
    Habit - Medium sized shrub
    Plant Height - 4-5'
    Plant Width - 4-6'
    Fragrance -
    Bloom Season - Spring through Fall
    Bloom Color - Pink, white, coral, yellow,orange
    Bloom Size - 3"
    Bloom Type - Single
    Petal Count - 5
    Bud Shape - Pointed
    Foliage Color - Dark green
    Light Requirements - Full to mostly sun
    Moisture Requirements -  Medium moisture, well-drained
    Resistances -  Disease resistant, Heat tolerant
    Soil Preference -  Normal, loamy
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