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Florida Flame Native Azalea - Rhododenron austrinum

Florida Flame Native Azalea - Rhododenron austrinum

(Ericaceae Rhododendron Austrinum Florida Flame)

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    More about Florida Flame Rhododendron...

    Florida Flame is one of the most heat and humidity tolerant and the most vigorous grower of the highly sought after Confederate Series of Native Azaleas, and is the most easy to grow!

    In addition to being a very sturdy and hardy shrub that can tolerate the extremes of the South, Florida Flame produces abundant clusters of extremely fragrant, golden yellow to peach or orange blooms. The large, honeysuckle-like blooms appear in spring as new growth begins to emerge. Very lustrous dark green leaves turn orange-bronze in fall. The handsome leaves are exceptionally mildew free. 

    While some Native Azaleas grow in a shrub form the Florida Flame can be grown as a shrub or tree that grows up to 10-15' feet in height with an equal width. It is perfect for use in woodland borders or other areas of the landscape that provide dappled shade and moist, well-drained soils rich in organic matter.

    Care Instructions for Native Azaleas

    Native Azaleas are low maintenance shrubs that require little attention once they are established.

    Soil - Native azaleas prefer an acid (4.5 to 5.5), well-drained, moist but not wet, soil rich in organic matter, such as natural leaf mold, mushroom compost, composted cowe manure, or your own homemade compost. All day dappled shade or morning sun with afternoon shade is preferable. As the plant is establishing itself during the first year after planting make sure to provide water during times of summer drought.

    Fertilizer - Fertilize plants just after they've bloomed with an azalea and camellia type fertilizer or an organic plant food. Mulching with a two-inch layer of aged shredded wood mulch or fresh-pine straw will help retain moisture during the warm season and will also decompose into rich organic matter that will feed the plant.

    Pruning - Native azaleas do not rquire pruning however respond well to it. If you need to shape the plant up a little trim or prune right after they are finished blooming. Native Azaleas need a moist, but not wet, soil rich in organic matter ( leaf mold, rotted sawdust, compost or peat moss are examples).A shifting sun and shade situation as under pines is ideal for their light requirements.ulch to conserve moisture with any organic material such as peanut hulls, pine bark or straw, etc.

    Problems - Native Azaleas are generally free of insect and disease problems.

    How To Plant a Shrub in a Container or Pot

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