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Chantilly Clematis

Chantilly Clematis

(Ranunculaceae Clematis Chantilly)

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    Delightful, delicate, very pale pink flowers with a more pronounced deeper pink central bar as petals fade in color to white it accents the reddish anthers. The mature flowers of clematis Chantilly are lightly scented. Great for containers as it grows to a height of 4 feet. Blooms May through August and can be grown in shade.


    USDA Zones:  4A-9B

    Bloom Season:  Late Spring through Late Summer!
    Bloom Color:  Pale Pink with Reddish Anthers!
    Bloom Size:  
    Bloom Type:  Single
    Light Requirements:  Sun or Shade
    Moisture Requirements:  Moist, well-drained
    Height:  3-4 feet
    Width:  2 feet
    Habit:  Compact, Vining
    Other Notable Attributes:  Fragrant flowers produced all summer
    Uses:  Borders, Containers, Groundcover, Mailbox, Shrub Climber


    Clematis Pruning Group 2
    Clematis Group 2 consists of all the early large-flowered hybrid clematis that bloom in late sping or early summer and maybe again in late summer. These should be pruned lightly in late winter or early spring. Pruning consists of removing weak and crossing shoots then thinning down the plant to a structure of evenly spaced one and two year old stems. Cut each stem just above a pair of healthy buds. If the vine thins at the bottom you can often force a flush of new growth from the base by cutting the vine back to 18 inches immediately after the flush of bloom in June.

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