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Fragrant & Scented Shrubs & Plants

The Most Fragrant & Scented Plants

You can enhance your garden's sensory appeal by planting shrubs and other plants that produce fragrant flowers or foliage. There are hundreds of species and varieties of fragrant plants so you can have fragrance in your garden almost year round. Some you have to get close to to catch their fragrance while others are more aromatic; filling the garden with their fragrance. Plant these fragrant wonders near decks, patios, porches, windows, doors, in courtyards and other outdoor living spaces where their fragrances can be enjoyed.

Use the chart below to select fragrant plants for certain sun exposures, water needs, bloom season and USDA Zones

*Water Needs: Indicates needs once plants are established    

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Perennial Plant Name or Type Smells Like Strength Sun Exposure Water Needs Bloom Season USDA Zones
SHRUBS & VINES            
Anise - Illicium Licorice Mild Shade Average Spring 6-9 (varies)
Banana Shrub - Michelia figo Banana Mild Sun / Shade Average Spring 7-10
Gardenias Sweet Strong Sun / Pt Sun Average Spring, Summer 5-9 (varies)
Rosemary Eucalyptus Mild Sun Low Winter, Spring 6-9
Summersweet - Clethra Honey Strong Sun / Pt Sun Average Summer 7-9
Tea Olive - Osmanthus Perfume Intense Sun Low Fall & Spring 5-9
Viburnum carlcephalum Sweet Mild Sun / Pt Sun Average Spring 6-8
Winter Daphne - Daphne odora Lemony Strong Shade Low Late Winter 7-9
PERENNIALS & HERBS            
Agastache Mint Mild Sun Low Summer & Fall 7-9
Artemisia Lemony Mild Sun Low None 5-9
Dianthus - Cottage Pinks Clove Light Sun Low Spring 4-9
Echinacea (Coneflowers) Honey Light Sun Low Summer 4-8
Lavendula (Lavender) Pine Mild Sun  Low Summer 8-10
Nepeta (Catmint) Mint Mild Sun Low Spring to Frost 4-9
Pachysandra Honey Light Shade Average Spring 4-9a
Perovskia - Russian Sage Menthol Mild Sun Low Summer, Fall 5-9
Phlox (Garden Phlox) Honey Light Sun Average Summer 3-8
Rosmarinus (Rosemary) Eucalyptus  Mild Sun Low Winter, Spring 6-9
Butterscotch Jasmine - Gelsemium Sweet Mild Sun / Pt Sun Low Spring & Fall 7-9
Carolina Jasmine - Gelsemium Sweet Mild Sun / Pt Sun Low Spring 7-10
Confederate Jasmine - Trachelosprmum Honey Strong Sun / Pt Sun Low Spring, Summer 7-10


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