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Ann Magnolia Tulip Tree - Magnolia hybrid 'Ann'

Ann Magnolia Tulip Tree - Magnolia hybrid 'Ann'

(Magnoliaceae Magnolia Ann)

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    A member of the "Little Girl" group of hybrid magnolias developed at the U.S. National Arboretum, the Ann Magnolia is a slow-growing very hardy large shrub or small tree that becomes smothered in stunning, fragrant, fuchsia-pink color flowers before leaves emerge in spring. Jane blooms a bit later that many other varieties making it a perfect choice where a late frost is common. The flowers have 7 to 9 petals that are light pinkish-purple on the inside and resemble tulips perched on the ends of every branch. Flowers begin to appear in March with sporadic rebloom into summer. The large, elongated leaves are dark green with a somewhat leathery appearance which contrasts nicely with other landscape plants that have finer foliage.


    Makes a very bright and outstanding solitary specimen or addition to a flowering shrub border. Can also be used in groups and is suitable for planting under power lines


    Very easy to grow and maintain, Ann Magnolia prefers full sun for best flowering however will tolerate some partial shade. In the South, some shade during the heat of mid-summer days will be appreciated. Not picky about soil type, Ann prefers evenly moist but well-drained acidic soils for optimal growth. Constantly soggy or wet soils are problematic. Apply soil sulfur and/or chelated iron to increase soil acidity if necessary. Pruning usually isn't necessary however stray branches can be pruned immediately after flowering in spring. Feed after flowering in spring with a mild organic plant food or a well-balanced shrub and tree food containing iron or sulfur.

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