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Green Holy Basil - Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)
Green Holy Basil - Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)

Lamiaceae Ocimum Sanctum None

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Shipping Information
Grows InZone 10B · 35° to 40° F through Zone 11 · Above 40° F
Sun ExposureFull / Mostly Sun
Soil DrainageWell Drained
Resistent ToDeer Resistant, Insect, Heat
Flower ColorLavender
BloomsSummer Blooms
Foliage ColorMedium Green
Average Height2' to 3'
Average Width2' to 3'
FragrancesAromatic, Fragrant Foliage
Additional Information About Green Holy Basil - Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)

**Our Holy Basil are full plants grown in 5 inch round pots**

More About Holy Basil...

Holy basil, or tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a member of the mint family. It's closely related to the sweet basil you add to Italian dishes and pesto, but the flavors are quite different. This plant is sometimes referred to as pepper basil as it's clove-flavor is spicier than it's sweet counterpart.

Holy Basil, also known as tulsi, is an herb is revered as the “queen of herbs” and is held as a holy plant worthy of worship. Not only has medicinal benefits, but is also said to have spiritual benefits. What's more, holy basil benefits can be experienced in an exciting way, as the herb can be grown in your home or on your patio - making it a great addition to your healing herb garden.

Based on research, Holy Basil undoubtedly brings numerous health benefits to the table. In Ayurvedic medicine, holy basil has been used for thousands of years. However, it is just in recent decades (and especially the past few years) begun gaining popularity in the West.

The plant is said to be an adaptogen. Adaptogens essentially adapt to serve the body where it needs them most. Typically, adaptogens are characterized as stress-busters (anti-anxiety), and this is where we will find the majority of research on this plant.

While all scientific research on the plant has been done on lab animals and not reproduced in humans, case after case of anecdotal evidence and thousands of years of use can't be wrong.

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Holy basil has numerous beneficial properties including:

Adaptogenic (anti-stress)

These properties alone can account for many potential benefits including increased sense of well-being, increased immune function, and disease prevention.

Health benefits of Holy Basil include:

Memory booster
Fever reduction
Cough soothing
Sore throat relief
Soothing to bites, cuts, and scrapes
Headache treatment
Increased kidney function
Balanced emotional health
Clearing acne
Possible blood sugar regulation



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