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Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur 4-pound
Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur 4-pound
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Additional Information About Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur 4-pound

Are your blueberry, gardenia, azalea, holly, rhododendron, camellia, juniper or other acid-loving plants not performing well? Are their leaves turning light green or yellow? Are they not flowering or producing fruit as they should?

Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur helps to create acid soil conditions and also acts as a soil conditioner. It helps lower pH in excessively alkaline soils. It Is slow acting but long lasting.

What plants can I use it on?

You can use Soil Sulfur on any and all acid-loving plants such as: azaleas, blueberries, boxwoods, camellia, gardenia, juniper, holly and all other acid-loving plants.

If you would like to turn your pink hydrangeas to blue simply apply soil sulfur!

What does Soil Sulfur do?

Soil sulfur will increase soil acidity. Some plants, such as the one's listed above, require acid soil conditions to perform their best and/or to produce flowers or fruit. If soil is too alkaline the foliage of these plants will turn light green or ywllow and flower and fruit production will be diminished or not occur at all.

How to use Soil Sulfur

That's easy! Just follow the application rates o0n the package, which is 1 to 2 pounds Soil Sulfur per 100 square feet of planted area. 

NOTE: This product is not recommended for use on container grown plants.


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