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Dynamite Organic All-Purpose Plant Food
Dynamite Organic All-Purpose Plant Food
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Additional Information About Dynamite Organic All-Purpose Plant Food

Looking for a great organic plant food to feed all your vegetable and fruit bearing plants? Look no further, Dynamite is here. It grows beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables organicall without constantly feeding and achieve bigger, healthier, better developed plants with just a shake!

  • One easy application of this OMRI Listed organic plant food lasts for up to 3 months!

  • OMRI Certified Organic with balance rates of NPK plus micro nutrients that produce more fruits and vegetables, larger blooms and greener foliage!

  • Slow-release, organic elements ensures no burning of plants!

  • Features a special, improved coating that stands up in heat and rain better than traditional coatings.

  • Contains Essential Micro-nutrients and Calcium for Optimal Growth

  • 1.25 -pound shaker bottle for easy application 

This fertilizer is TRULY time-released, so you won't over- or underfeed. A single bottle feeds 15 plants from spring until frost and can be used during the entire life of the plant. There is simply no better way to assure your fine plants of a long, healthy, absolutely beautiful life!


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