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Earthworm Castings 100% Organic Fertilizer

Earthworm Castings 100% Organic Fertilizer

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Earthworm Castings - The best way to turn a brown thumb green!

Worm castings are the material deposited by the earth worm after organic material passes through the digestive track of the worm. Essentially, it can be called "worm manure." Worm castings are organic, nontoxic, and odorless, and can be used as a high-power fertilizer on just about any plant in the garden or in container gardens in or outside the home.

Why use worm castings?

With the exception of water and sunlight, nothing could be more natural for your garden than earthworm castings. Not cow manure, not chicken manure, not even fish emulsion is as natural for your garden as earthworm castings. After all, when digging in your garden have you ever found a live cow, chicken or fish? No, what you find are earthworms.

Mother Nature created the mighty earthworm about 570 million years ago to care for her plant life by caring for the soil both by tilling it and by adding the essential nutrients plant need to be their healthiest. As the earthworm eats its way through the soil it takes in bits of soil and rotting or decaying plants (organic matter). Then, what comes out is the richest food your plants will ever find, yet will not burn your plants!

Earthworms have the unique ability to increase the amount of nutrients and mineral in the soil by as much as 10 times the value of the plant debris there. These beneficial minerals and nutrients are properly conditioned for the best root growth and lush plant growth - plus it's odor free.

Because they are 100% natural and organic, worm castings allow plants to quickly and easily absorb all essential nutrients and trace elements in simple forms, so plants need only minimal effort to obtain them but receive the massive benefits in doing so.

Over 60 micronutrients and trace minerals are found in worm castings, along with high numbers of beneficial microbes and bacteria that help to improve overall crumb structure and soil quality. These micropscopic creatures help different elements of the soil work in conjunction with each other to create healthy, working soil that provides the best possible environment for optimum plant growth.

The miniature particles contained in worm castings also improve aeration in the soil, promoting rapid plant growth. They allow oxygen to permeate and remain in the root zone where it is vitally needed. They allow for excellent drainage in soil so that roots don't become waterlogged or develop root rot.

Worm castings are also an effective way to repel harmful insects such as white flies, aphids and spider mites. According to recent studies, applying worm castings to the soil around your plants increases the production of a certain enzyme that is offensive to these insects.

How To Use Worm Castings

Soil Amendment In Gardens - When planting new plants in garden beds top-dress the soil in the garden with a 1/2 inch layer of worm castings. When you water the nutrients filter down to the roots of your plants.

Soil Amendment In Container Gardens - For potted plants use about 1/3 castings to 2/3 potting soil.

Fertilizer / Plant Food - Side dressing row crops in your vegetable garden is one of the best ways to apply worm castings. You can just place a 1/4 inch or so of it right along side your plants at their base.

Used As Compost Tea - Click here for instructions for making worm casting tea for use as liquid plant food.

Why Are Worm Castings So Expensive?

They aren't expensive!

While synthetic fertilizers must be used in copious amounts and still don't w

Good Growing!

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