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Southgate® Charm™ Rhododendron

Southgate® Charm™ Rhododendron

(Ericaceae Rhododendron Charm)

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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    This exciting heat tolerant Southgate Rhododendron thrives in the Deep South as well as other traditional Rhododendron areas. In addition to being a very sturdy and hardy shrub that can tolerate the extremes of the South, Charm Rhododendron produces abundant clusters of large ruffled bright white blooms with a splotch of red freckles above the eye zone. The large blooms appear as the spring temperatures warm. Very lustrous medium to dark green leaves are another feature of this amazing shrub that fits perfectly in to any woodland garden or any other area of the landscape that gets dappled to part shade. The Southgate Rhododendron are very disease, fungus and insect wonder the Southgate series of Rhodendron are becoming a staple addition to the Southern Garden. 


    Rhododenrons are great for use as single specimens or in small to large groupings, flowering shrub borders, shrub borders, woodland gardens, along stream banks, and shaded home foundation plantings. They do especially well on fertile slopes.

    Culture & Care Tips

    Plant rhododendrons in well drained, moist, acidic soils rich in organic matter and morning sun with afternoon shade. Refer to links below for detailed planting and care tips.

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