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Pure Bamboo Biochar
Pure Bamboo Biochar
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Additional Information About Pure Bamboo Biochar


Biochar assists in bio remediation of soil by allowing proper absorption rate of fertilizers and organic nutrients. In addition, it helps prevent leaching and runoff. Biochar elemental state allows it to persist in soils for years with little biological decay. Once added to the soil, it acts as a catalyst to enhance the plants ability to absorb or retain nutrients and water. Biochar also fosters the development of beneficial microorganisms. Greatest gain in plant productivity occurs when added to low PH or acidic soils. It is a great way to store and utilize carbon to assist in plant development. Our biochar is derived from bamboo using an updraft pyrolyzer. It is comprised of powder, granular, and nuggets to assist in downward soil migration.


Initial Bamboo Planting 6 Cubic inches mix with composted manure and top soil around each planting.

Existing Bamboo - 3 Cubic inches or a handful around canes.

Potting or Composting Soil Add 10-20% to increase soil performance.

Lawns 6 Cubic inches or 2 handfuls per 10 square feet.


These are the recommended biochar application rates. Rates could be increased/decreased based upon soil conditions. Biochar can be used annually in conjunction with organics or fertilizers to help soil improvements. Biochar application areas should be watered thoroughly prior and after application. 

Disclaimer: This product should only be used as recommend. It is not safe for human or animal consumption and should not be used for cooking or a filtering agent. Use protection and gloves when handling.


Composition analysis performed by USDA-ARS


Total Nitrogen             .31 %
Organic Nitrogen        .31 %
Phosphorus                  .45 %
Phosphorus asP2O5   1.03 %
Potassium                  2.89 %
Potassium as K2O     3.47 %

Other elements:

Calcium                    1.05 %
Magnesium                .16 %
Sodium                      .022%
Zinc                           .2
Iron                            .9


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