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Lebanon Proscape 16-25-12 Lawn Starter Fertilizer (50 Pound Bag)
Lebanon Proscape 16-25-12 Lawn Starter Fertilizer (50 Pound Bag)
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Additional Information About Lebanon Proscape 16-25-12 Lawn Starter Fertilizer (50 Pound Bag)


Lebanon ProScape 16-25-12 is a slow-release lawn starter fertilizer with MESA® that is ideal for overseeding and new turf establishment. When used as a starter fertilizer, the slow release nitrogen provides feeding throughout the early period of turf development. The higher nitrogen rate also makes 16-25-12 an ideal analysis for over-seeding existing turf where there is mature turf in the stand that requires higher nitrogen for development. MESA® combines Meth-Ex 40® methylene urea with ammonium sulfate resulting in quick response, excellent color, long lasting, consistent results without a flush of growth or excessive clippings.

How To Use


Total Nitrogen (N) 16%

11.8% Ammoniacal Nitrogen

1.2% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*

0.9% Urea Nitrogen

2.1% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen*

Available Phosphate (P2O5) 25%

Soluble Potash (K2O) 12%

Sulfur (S) 2.2%

2.2% Combined Sulfur

*3.3% Slowly available Nitrogen from Methylene Ureas

Other elements:

Sulfur (S)............................................ 2.2%

For use on:

Golf Courses, Commercial & Residential Turf

Pet safe:

Yes, when used as directed

Manufactured by:

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



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