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Deer Stopper Organic Repellent - 32 Ounce Concentrate
Deer Stopper Organic Repellent - 32 Ounce Concentrate
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Additional Information About Deer Stopper Organic Repellent - 32 Ounce Concentrate


Available in the following sizes:

  • 32 ounce bottle of concentrate

Our gardens are located in central Georgia and we are surrounded by deer. Over the years we've tried and tested just about every deer repellent product on the market. In 2014 we were introduced to and started using Deer Stopper, a product made with organic ingredients which is safe for use around fruit and vegetable plants, shrubs, trees and all other types of plants. We found it to be the most effective deer repellent we've used to date. It even worked to keep the deer away from hosta lilies! It's equally effective to repel elk and moose. The nice aroma makes Deer Stopper pleasant to use, dries clear, is odor free (to humans). 

How It Works

Deer Stopper works to repel deer by smell, taste and feel. To use, mix 1 part of Deer Stopper Concentrate to 9 parts water. Then apply a fine mist to the plants that need protected. When using on edible crops, apply when no above-ground harvestable food commodities are present. 

Extra Tips

  • After spraying, allow product 20 minutes to dry before watering of any kind.

  • This product can be applied in any climate or temperature provided the spray head and liquid is not frozen.

  • Repeat application as needed. Usually every 30 days.

Active Ingredient:

Putrescent Whole Egg Solids, Rosemary, Mint

Target Insects:

Refer to Product Label below

For use on:

Shrubs, Flowers, Trees, Edible Crops

Pet safe:


Manufactured by:

Messina Wildlife




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