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Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control with Acephate Dust
Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control with Acephate Dust
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Additional Information About Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control with Acephate Dust


Available in the following sizes:

  • 8 ounce can treats up to 54 fire ant mounds!

  • 16 ounce can treats up to 108 fire ant mounds!

We've been using this product in our gardens in central Georgia for over 20 years. Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control with Acephate Dust works...fast! When used as directed this product kills the entire colony, including all queens, overnight.

How It Works

Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control works differently than other ant killers. These days, there can be upwards of 20 queens in a fire ant mound. Baits that have to be carried and fed to the queen simply don't work. As soon as one queen dies the worker ants remove all the queens from the mound and transport them elsewhere to create new colonies. On the other hand, When sprinkled atop and around the perimeter of a fire ant mound, Hi-Yield Fire Ant Control kills the entire colony, including all the queen ants. As soon as the first few ants die on contact with the Acephate dust the works try to drag them away but have to cross over the "ring of fire"...that's what we like to call it. 

Extra Tips

  • It's best to apply the dust in the late afternoon or early evening when fire ants are more active. 

  • DO NOT water the dust in. Leave it dry.

  • Poke holes in the foil lid to make the can a shaker.

  • Make sure to sprinkle a solid ring of dust around the mound that will not allow ants to escape.

Active Ingredient:

70% Acephate dust

Target Insects:

Fire ants and many, many other insects listed

For use in:

Lawns and landscape beds. Not for indoor use.

Pet safe:

Keep away from pets. Before allowing pets into treated areas, irrigate after colonies have died to soak residual dust in ground.

Manufactured by:



MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



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