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Corylus 'Contorted Filbert'- Henry Lauder's Walking Stick
Corylus 'Contorted Filbert'- Henry Lauder's Walking Stick Grows well in Ashburn! Out Of Stock
Corylus 'Contorted Filbert'- Henry Lauder's Walking Stick

Betulaceae Corylus Avellana Contorta

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Grows InZone 4A · -30° to -25° F through Zone 8B · 15° to 20° F
Grows in Ashburn! (Learn More)
Sun ExposureFull / Mostly Sun
Soil DrainageWell Drained
Resistent ToDeer Resistant
Flower ColorYellow, Light Yellow, Bronze
BloomsSpring Blooms, Winter Blooms
Foliage ColorBronze, Dark Green
Average Height8' to 10', 10' to 12'
Average Width6' to 8'
AttractsVisual Attention, Songbirds / Birds
Additional Information About Corylus 'Contorted Filbert'- Henry Lauder's Walking Stick

More about Contorted Filbert- Henry Lauders Walking Stick...

Noteworthy Characteristics

Contorted Filbert is guaranteed to please with it's twisted corkscrew branches that are especially apparent in winter. It blooms late winter in to early spring producing interesting yellow male catkins just before the leaves arrive. The obovate leaves are 2-3" long and feature double toothed margins. They are green for most of the growing season and turn yellow in the fall before falling off. Contorted Filbert is a must have for the gardener that enjoys unique and interesting focal plants. 


With Contorted Filbert's contorted shape and corkscrew branching it is perfect  for use as a single specimen focal plant. It can be planted around the home, in a larger container,  in an island, Japanese Maple garden, or just about anywhere that gets part to full sun, the more sun the better.

Culture & Care Tips

The Contorted Filbert prefers a more alkaline soil that drains well. It performs well soil textures like sand, loam, chalk and clay. If planting in heavy clay soils make sure to mix in at least 50% planting mix to 50% native soil, to allow for better drainage. Plant in part to full sun... about 4 hours or more of direct sunlight is necessary and full sun being the preffered.  

Helpful Planting & Care Tips Provided By Our Experts...

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