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Hunt Muscadine - Vitis rotundifolia 'Hunt'

Hunt Muscadine - Vitis rotundifolia 'Hunt'

(Vitaceae Vitis Rotundifolia Hunt)
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    Need help choosing the right varieties of Muscadines?

    This is the fun part. There are lots of selections of muscadines, each with its own flavor, sugar content, and ripening time. What really determines the type you should choose is how you want to use them. Most are good for snacking. Others are great for making jam, jelly, juice, and wine. So do a little homework, and click on the link below to use the Muscadine Data Sheet to help make your selections. Note: There are two different kinds of muscadines: self-fertile types, which are self-pollinating, and self-sterile (female) types, which must be planted near self-fertile types to produce fruit. 

    Click here to use the Muscadine Data Sheet to help choose the right type of grape vines for your needs

    More about Hunt Muscadine...

    Hunt is one of the best all-purpose varieties out there. This plant produces large clusters of medium sized black grapes great for fresh eating and for use in jams, jellies, juice or wine. These plants are vigorous and have good cold resistance.

    Pollinator Required?  Click here see pollination information on this and other varieties of Muscadine








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