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The Planket

The Planket

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The Planket Frost Cover.
The Planket is a lightweight, durable and breathable green fabric - the same material used by professional growers - that protects plants and gardens from frost and freezing temperatures, as well as offering shading in harsh, summer sun!  A great year-round product!
Unlike flimsy, unsightly blankets, the Planket is designed to be pulled over potted plants easily and cinched at the base with a drawstring to prevent it from blowing off in inclement weather, or draped over shrubs and fastened securely with Bungee Cord tie-downs.
The Planket covers are packaged in a clear plastic envelope reusable for seasonal storage, and come available in four convenient sizes: 6-, 8- and 10-foot diameter and 10 X 20 foot rectangle.
Dont forget to get a bag of stakes to hold the 10' X 20' down!

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