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Keteleeri Juniper - Juniperus chinensis 'Keteleeri'

Keteleeri Juniper - Juniperus chinensis 'Keteleeri'

(Cupressaceae Juniperus Chinensis Keteleeri)
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    Noteworthy Characteristics

    The upright size, pyramidal form, thick scaled grayish-green foliage of Keteleeri Juniper make it a spectacular selection for adding unique contrast of color and texture to the landscape. Keteleeri is also noted for it's generous display of small, attractive, bluish fruits which appear in fall and winter and are highly attractive to many birds.


    Excellent for use as a single specimen, in group plantings, visual screen or sound buffer plantings, foundation plantings, for corners or entryways, and asian them gardens. 


    Keteleeri Juniper is easy to grow and very low maintenance. It prefers full sun and is not picky about soil type or pH as long as the soil is well-drained. It is tolerant of dry soil, drought, salt, and windy sites. It never requires pruning unless you want to shear it for a more formal look.

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