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Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry - Vaccinum ashei 'Premier'

Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry - Vaccinum ashei 'Premier'

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    Having trouble choosing the right varieties of Blueberry plants?

    This is the fun part! There are lots of Blueberry varieties to choose from - each offering fruit with its own, truly unique attributes. Among these are: Size, Color, Flavor, Ripening Time, Required Chilling Hours, Companion Pollinators, and more. Why not plant an assortment of Early-Mid-Late season varieties, and extend your blueberry harvest season?  With just a little homework, you can select the perfect blueberry varieties for your garden - click the link below to use the Blueberry Variety Information Sheet to help make your selections.

    'Click'here to see our 'Blueberry Variety Information Sheet' and select the most well-suited Rabbiteye varieties for your garden >>

    More about 'Premier' Rabbiteye Blueberry...

    Another 1978, North Carolina State University release, Premier Rabbiteye blueberry has a very vigorous, upright growth habit, and it is known to be a heavy yielding variety with good overall disease resistance. Berries ripen early to mid-season (typically earlier than other mid-season blueberry varieties), are large in size, with a beautiful light blue color, wonderful flavor, and a dry stem scar. Premier Rabbiteye blueberry is recommended for all applications, but is especially suited for hand picking - which makes it an excellent choice for home gardeners.  Premier also has attractive fall foliage that is orange-red in color.

    Chilling Hours Required: 'Click' here to see the 'Chill Hours' required for this and other blueberry varieties >>
    Pollinators: 'Click' here to see ideal companion 'Pollinators' for this and other blueberry varieties >>





    Helpful Planting And Care Tips Provided by Our Experts:

    How To Plant A Rabbiteye Blueberry Bush

    How To Fertilize A Rabbiteye Blueberry Bush

    How To Prune A Rabbiteye Blueberry Bush


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